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i thought we should dedicate a post in Duh Hott Damn to Cassie's best friend, Kevin

cat eats firefly: how is Kevin
cat eats firefly: still being a man?
lyricalangel264: nah not yet
lyricalangel264: btw, paul was roommate last year and terroroized him purposefully
lyricalangel264: because he thought he was a pussy
cat eats firefly: he is a pushy
cat eats firefly: as Sean connery would pronounce it
cat eats firefly: "pushy galore"
lyricalangel264: paul played malcolm x speeches as kevin was studying, it was ugly
cat eats firefly: that's poetic
lyricalangel264: true
lyricalangel264: and also prompted the timeless comment:
cat eats firefly: i would find MX's teaches to be inspirational
cat eats firefly: i think Spike Lee should make a sequel to Malcolm X, called MX
lyricalangel264: "you know cass, sometimes i think my roommate sees me as the epitome of everything he despises about america."
lyricalangel264: -kevin roose


lyricalangel264: yeah, he said that over sushi before we met up with you guys
cat eats firefly: HAHAHA
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